Google Releases a Full Fix to Address Pixel Storage Issues with the January Play System Update

Some Pixel owners reported having trouble accessing data stored in internal storage after receiving the January 2024 Google Play system update. Now, Google has made a complete fix available for end users to apply on their phones.

Google Pixel: Restore Storage Without Data Loss

The issue was caused by the January Google Play system update, the business announced today. App crashes, the inability to snap screenshots, and “external storage working inconsistently” were the outcomes.

Pixel Storage Snag: Limited Impact, Multi-Account Devices at Center

Only a “small number of Pixel phones” were affected by this, and it “tended to occur more frequently in devices with multiple user accounts and/or work profiles.” Devices with multiple users enabled were affected by the issue that arose following the initial Android 14 upgrade last year, but it looks that more individuals are affected this time.

When for the root system update issue, Google is “working on a fix today” and will provide additional information when it becomes available.

Google Pixel: Restore Storage Without Data Loss

Google offers a method to “restore storage functionality to your device without causing data loss” in the interim. To remove the Play system update from their phone, those who have backups and don’t care about data loss can reset their device.

Two ADB instructions and restarting your Pixel are the storage fix:

  • /adb uninstall
  • ./adb uninstall

It requires you to be “comfortable installing and using some developer tools” (ADB) and to have a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. Moreover, USB debugging and Developer settings must be enabled. Notably, turning off USB debugging and Developer settings is Google’s final step.

Here are Google’s complete instructions.

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